Behind the Campaign: Colorway

Behind the Campaign: Colorway

"As a lover of design, one of the things that fascinate me is color. How the warm orange of the sunlight mixes with the cool blue of the sky during sunset, how the yellow nicely contrasts with purple on a favorite dessert, or how mesmerizing it is when the light turquoise perfectly blends with the deep blue of the ocean. These color blends are such spectacles  our inspiration for our very first campaign for Paul Raymond jewelry." - Cheers, Paul


Here are some of our best selling gemstones (and our take on how to style them together).



Our Chiara 14kt Gold-Filled Ring in Lapis Lazuli pairs perfectly with our 4mm Apatite choker (upper left), while the warm hues of Sardonyx, Mookaite Jasper, and Yellow Calcite nicely contrast a bright blue background (upper right).


Sakura Agate, Prehnite, and Ametrine work well together as a pastel colored wrist stack (lower left). We are loving the color combination of Lemon Jade, Fossil Jade, and Golden Tiger Eye (lower right).



Gemstones come in a vast array of colors, shades, and hues, hence the campaign name Colorway. We wanted to focus on one of the things that attract our customers, as, aside from the stone energy/intention, color plays a huge part on a client's decision when choosing their Paul Raymond piece.

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