Career Crystals: Jumpstart Your Career with These Gemstones

Career Crystals: Jumpstart Your Career with These Gemstones

One of the most common gemstone requests we get from clients is Career and Leadership crystals. A common denominator in every person's life, career has a very significant and huge part in everyone's existence.

Here are some crystals that will surely help you jumpstart your life career-wise:


1. Sunstone

Sunstone Raw Form (Medium)


A stone of leadership and abundance, Sunstone is believed to bring a strengthening effect to the wearer, helping them overcome self-doubt and advocate for one's self. 

(T-B): Red Sunstone 8mm, Sunstone Raw Form (small), Sunstone 6mm



2. Citrine


Citrine pebbles


Citrine will always been be known as the stone for business, hence its nickname The Merchant's Stone. It is said to awaken one's body energy, making them more confident and powerful.


3. Carnelian

Red Carnelian 10mm


Carnelian is believed to increase motivation and vitality, as well as stimulate creativity, three characteristics that will surely increase your chances of doing well in your career.



4. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Raw Form (Small)


This deep blue gemstone is believed to improve communication skills and enhance wisdom and authority. 



5. Ruby

Faceted Ruby 8mm


Well known for being the birthstone for July, Ruby is said to bring financial abundance and stability to the wearer/bearer. It is also believed to help the wearer achieve success and fame in their dream career.