Gemstones and Their Energies

Gemstones and Their Energies

Over the past few years, new wellness trends have re-entered the mainstream. One of our obvious favorites: gemstones. The use of crystals as a form of self-care have become increasingly popular again; you can see crystals all over Instagram, on your friend’s office desk and/or wrists, even Hollywood celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Adele, and Miranda Kerr are fanatics.

While there is no scientific research that backs up the claim that gemstones can be used to cure diseases, gemstones have been popular protection charms ever since the ancient times, used as amulets for safety, to calm the mind, and to repel negative energies.

Oprah Daily did an interview with Navya Mysore, MD, a primary care physician and medical director of One Medical, about how gemstones work: 

“Because illnesses are not caused by negative energy or wavelengths, [gemstones and crystals] technically can’t cure disease in the way that crystal proponents explain, she says. 

“However, let’s not disregard the power of crystals so fast. While there's no scientific evidence that they can fix medical conditions, they could have some mental and even physical benefits thanks to the so-called placebo effect, Mysore notes. ‘Similar to the way we put faith in the power of prayer and other religious beliefs, placing hope in healing stones may not be so far-fetched.’

“While it can get a bad rap, the placebo effect is real, Mysore says. The benefits of the placebo effect are strongly supported by research. Plus, the power of positive thinking—whether related to possibly-powerful rocks or not—has been shown to affect health outcomes in patients who are going through treatments.”


The bottomline: We advise everyone that gemstones and crystals are not, nor are they intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment. But you cannot discount the positive effects of wearing and/or carrying your favorite crystal with you, it may make you feel a little luckier today, feel more confident, and make great things happen in your life.