Why You Should Cleanse Your Gemstones

Why You Should Cleanse Your Gemstones

Gemstones have become a huge part of everyday life for most of us. Some cannot start their days without wearing and/or carrying their trusty gemstones with them. And one question we always get from clients is why we need to cleanse gemstones.

Think of your gemstones as an energy filter; it absorbs all the negative energy around you and transforms it into a more positive energy.

Cleansing your gemstones is important to make sure that they continue to be effective, after all the negative energies are flushed out.

Cleanse It After Purchase

Gemstones, especially the ones used on accessories (bracelets, earrings, necklaces), are usually tried on before someone buys them. So when you buy a gemstone, a lot of people have already touched it. Gemstones have the power to absorb negative energy – think about how much bad energy each stone has absorbed! That is why we cleanse your gemstones before we hand them over or deliver them to you.

Cleanse It Regularly

Every time you wear or use your gemstone, it absorbs all unwanted energies  (from you and from outside sources) throughout the day. And at times, it may seem that you don't feel the energies of your crystals anymore. If this is the case, your crystal might have become energetically clogged up and therefore has no space to absorb unwanted energies. This is why you have to cleanse your stones regularly. While some gemstone owners prefer to cleanse their stones everyday, we suggest cleansing yours every week or every few weeks, depending on how often you use the said gemstone.

Now that you know the importance of cleansing your gemstones, here are a few ways on how to cleanse them.