On Trend: Crystals for Manifestation

On Trend: Crystals for Manifestation

Manifesting and Manifestation are two words that are constantly being used nowadays. 

Manifestation is based on The Law of Attraction, which says that positive thoughts bring positive results while negative thoughts bring negative results. Which begs the question: Can you really attract the things that you want? We believe so!

Crystal lovers (like us!) believe that certain gemstones help in terms of manifesting and attracting blessings. And we also feel that, coupled with hard work and dedication to achieving your goals and dreams, manifestation stones can do wonders to your life. Here are 5 of our most recommended manifestation crystals:



Zebradorite is a premier manifestation stone. It is believed to help you achieve whatever it is you want to happen in your life. No wonder it’s our best selling gemstone.

Zebradorite 12mm Stretch Bracelet



Moonstone is a great stone for manifesting your heart's desires. It helps to strengthen your intuition and optimism, making it easier for you to manifest more quickly.

Mixed Moonstone Pebbles Stretch Bracelet


Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is a stone of high energetic frequency. Composed of Clear or White Quartz and strands of rutile, this rare stone amplifies your thoughts, helps you identify your desires, making you act on achieving them. The Rutile threads boost power of intention to manifest, quickening the process of manifestation of your goals and dreams. 

A-Grade Golden Rutilated Quartz Pebbles Stretch Bracelet

Copper Rutilated Quartz 6mm Stretch Bracelet

Green Rutilated Quartz Pebbles Stretch Bracelet


Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is a well-known stone of manifestation. It allows one to bring about future goals and wants, increasing motivation.

Blue Apatite 8mm Stretch Bracelet


Phantom Quartz

“This is the first gemstone that made me believe in the manifestation powers of crystals.” - Paul

Phantom Quartz, also known as Lodolite and Garden Quartz, promotes inspiration and assists in achieving your full potential. It is also believed to bring more opportunities to your life and speed things up in terms of achieving your goals.

Phantom Quartz 10mm Stretch Bracelet