Paul's Story

It was around September 2010 when my friend Pia, who used to make polymer clay jewelry as a hobby/side business, took me to one of her supplier errands. Upon entering the shop of one of her suppliers, I was awestruck — it was beads heaven.

I have always been a lover of jewelry and design (frustrated interior designer here). I remember frequenting an arts-and-crafts store in one of the malls in my hometown, back in high school. For a few months, I would go there after class, sometimes with my bestfriend Kenneth, to make beaded jewelry. I enjoyed being in that environment so much because it allowed me to innovate and to express my creativity. I stopped after the store closed, which was a complete bummer. These jewelry making sessions added to the fun of my highschool life. I guess that's when my interest in jewelry and design was developed. 

A couple years after graduating college, I started a jewelry business in 2010 (shortly after the "beads heaven" moment) which I put on pause after a couple years and revived in 2015.

In October 2020, I ventured into offering a new jewelry line with upgraded, more premium materials. Though this high-grade line is technically an extension of my first jewelry business, I decided to give it its own branding. Coming from a business disappointment in 2019 (with my previous internet startup) and right in the middle of a pandemic, this new line served as a glimmer of hope for me, that's why I initially named it Amaani, a name that means hope.

After a successful year-long run as Amaani and meeting a lot of wonderful customers (if you’re one of them, thank you for your continued trust and support), I decided to rename Amaani to PAUL RAYMOND, officially making it my namesake brand. One of the main reasons for the name change: I noticed that it is my name that our clients remember, not the brand name Amaani.

All of our pieces are designed by us here in the Philippines, and we make sure to oversee all steps — from mood board to finished product — so we can bring you high quality contemporary jewelry and leather accessories, with styles that are timeless.

Hope you have fun choosing your PAUL RAYMOND jewelry, as we designed all these pieces with you in mind.