Loyalty and Rewards Program

Benefit from countless sweet and amazing perks from us here at Amaani! We have one of the best (really) Loyalty & Rewards Program in the country. Three easy steps: Earn, Collect, and Redeem.
1. EARN Amaani Points
With our rewards system you can earn Amaani Points, our very own digital currency. You can earn these Points by following us on socials, buying your favorite Amaani jewelry, and by simply creating an account!
Here are the points you may earn:
Create an Account - 10,000 points
Like Amaani on Facebook - 500 points
Follow Amaani on Instagram - 500 points
Buy at the Amaani Shop - 5 points per P1 spent
2. COLLECT More Amaani Points
Collect your Points, as they can be redeemed through the following tiers:
20,000 Amaani Points - P200
50,000 Amaani Points - P500
100,000 Amaani Points - P1,000 
These amounts will be converted into a unique, one-time-use discount code that you shall enter during Checkout to redeem your Points.
3. SPEND Your Amaani Points
A.k.a. your favorite step. After acquiring Points enough for your desired peso tier, it's time to spend them (finally). These Points can be used like digital cash in our store - no minimum order!


What is the conversion rate for my Amaani Points?
One hundred (100) Amaani Points is equivalent to P1 in the Shop.
Can I convert my Amaani Points to cash?
Amaani Points are not convertible to cash, but we have a wide selection of amazing products - we're sure you'll find a nice pair of earrings or the perfect bracelet to use your Points for.
Can I use an additional discount code after I've redeemed my Amaani Points?
No, only one code can be redeemed on a particular cart. If you happen to have another discount code, we suggest using that code instead and save your points for another purchase!