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Happiness is simple. It's the humans that make it complicated. Use Rhyolite to clear away emotional blockages and let its transformative powers cleanse negativity from your heart. Without the distraction of toxic emotions, Rhyolite helps narrow your focus on what's really important-- following your bliss, whatever the weather. Rain or shine, joy or despair- call on the powerful yet gentle, earthy vibes of Rhyolite to help you stay emotionally balanced when faced with the dualism of the universe.

Rhyolite reminds us that achieving a state of bliss is all about perspective. No matter how hard the skeptics and cynics try to deny it, the cliché always rings true--you are what you think. In fact, scientists are finally proving the ancient teachings of Buddha and the power of positive thoughts. In emotional and physical healing, Rhyolite works to reset the mind, helping you turn negatives in the positives. After all, the most beautiful and astonishing things are created out of destruction and chaos, including the universe itself.

Meditation is an excellent way to get up close and personal with this powerful healing stone. If life has given you lemons, sit quietly for 20 minutes with the Rhyolite crystal and ask it to teach you how to make lemonade. During your therapeutic session of peaceful contemplation, notice any negative thoughts that come up and let the Rhyolite crystal help you dissolve negativity by giving you the wisdom to make your outlook more positive.

Rhyolite reminds us that true happiness is all about perspective, because when you open your mind up to new possibilities, it helps facilitate a positive transformation. A powerful method for channeling its joyful and healing vibes begins with a cleansing ritual that sets up the perfect backdrop for healing.

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